Artist Stretchers | Chapman & Bailey

Imagine the joy when sighting 480 cm lengths of timber along the docking bench and seeing them dead straight all the way. Laminating three strips of finger joined blocks of Arakaria (Hoop Pine) lengthwise creates the straightest lengths of timber to make stretcher arms true and stable. Each stretcher bar from Chapman and Bailey is cut to length under scrutiny of a craftsman. It’s the care in selection that makes each artist stretcher worthy of being the support for the canvas you the artist are going to paint your vision on.

Chapman and Bailey length laminated stretchers provide the discerning artist with a flat, reliable and easily tensioned canvas, but you can also rest easily with a frame of mind that knows the stretcher frame is made from the most sustainable timber available. Eco linen also adds not only to the potential of your painting surface. Choosing Belgian linen as the canvas to stretch on the Hoop Pine laminated stretcher will put you in a great frame of mind to paint a miracle.