Sabine from Still @ the Centre’s meets Richard Frumess, founder of R&F Handmade Paints in her latest blog…
She finds out  getting the pigments sticks and encaustic paint just right takes some practice – being an artist yourself is definitely a plus.
To quote Richard about his staff : “these guys are fanatics, they just don’t give up!” Some of R&F’s mixes incorporate up to five separate pigments and find our about the details. Batches are small. Only 300 regular 38ml pigment sticks at a time.
Click here to find out more about her visit to R&F and to read Sabina’s blog – in bed with mona lisa – everything you’ve always wanted to know about art materials but didn’t dare to ask the shop assistant (who maybe didn’t have a clue either). Thank you Sabine for letting us know about this informative blog!
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