From 11 April 2016 go to your nearest Belle Arti Prize Entry Prize stockists to pay your $50 entry fee and receive your free 35 x 35cm stretched linen entry canvas.

Alternatively you can  pay your entry fee and order your Belle Arti Prize Entry Canvas online from 11 April 2016.

If you are wanting to collect a canvas from your local collection point please give them a ring to make sure they have your preferred type of Belle Arti Prize Entry Canvas available. If not it can be ordered for you.

Entrants can choose from 3 types of stretched linen for their entry canvas:

  • Universal Primed Stretched Canvas (U) (suitable for all mediums)
  • Oil Primed Stretched Canvas (OP) (suitable for oil painting, not acrylic painting)
  • Clear Sized Stretched Canvas (G) (Not primed. Sized only -not white. Linen surface suitable for any medium)

The Belle Arti Prize Entry Canvas is a professional quality linen canvas, stretched by hand with Italian Belle Arti linen. It is a great opportunity to experience the difference of painting on this beautifully crafted product.

You will know the exact type of linen your canvas is stretched with by looking at the number and letter written on the back if you enjoyed the experience and would like to order this type linen in the future from your local Belle Arti linen supplier.

Before entering the 2016 Belle Arti Prize, make sure you read the conditions of entry.

Download 2016 Belle Arti Prize Conditions of Entry

Download this handy checklist to keep on track with entrant requirements

Download Belle Arti Prize 2016 Checklist
The  2016 Belle Arti Prize Exhibition and prize announcement will be held in mid July at the spacious Chapman & Bailey Gallery, Melbourne.

The 2016 judges are yet to be announced, we will keep you posted..

Past winners Belle Arti Prize

Tony Lloyd (Qld) 2014

Karen Black (Qld) 2013

Marie Hagerty (ACT) 2012

Marie Hagerty (ACT) 2011

Lewis Miller (Vic) 2010

Jacqui Stockdale (Vic) 2009

Previous judges:

Sam Leach – Artist, Dr Vince Alessi – Curatorial Manager, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University, Louise Hearman – Artist (2014)

Melissa Laughnan, Max Delaney, Juan Ford (2013)

Sally Smart and Rosslynd Piggot (2012)

Vera Moeller, Nathalie King, Gareth Samson (2011)

Simon Wright, Judy Watson (2010)

Angela Brennan, Alexie Glass Kantor, Jason Smith (2009)