[text_output]In 2014 Basil Hall and his wife Pam spent a week working with the artists at Ninuku Arts in Kalka for the first time. Basil had worked with almost all of the APY Art Centres in the far north of South Australia over the last 20 years, but had never made it to collaborate with Ninuku painters.

Here, senior artists Harry Tjutjuna is working on a series of acetate cells which forms the basis of the multi- coloured silkscreen print on show now at Chapman and Bailey.[/text_output]

Monica Watson spent a week collaborating with Pam Boyer on a stunning 9 colour print. Monica was very enthusiastic about the new technique and made sure Pam heard all about the story she was painting. When working with artists, Basil Hall Editions seek to engage in a collaborative print making process. In this relationship both parties have a rewarding experience.  While Pam was able to assist Monica with selecting and separating colours, Monica taught Pam all about her story and her painting technique.

[text_output]Like many artists in the APY Lands, Ninuku Artists have a great interest in working collaboratively on paintings and prints. Basil spent many days negotiating with Molly Miller and Nyanu Watson about doing a joint story on a single set of acetates. Both artists embraced the idea and discussed a story which neither had painted before – a family sits around a fire in the foreground, in the shelter of their wiltja, whie a group of jealous men at the bottom of the painting eye off the bowl of fat maku (witchetty grubs) that they have collected.[/text_output]

The screen prints and etchings from Basil Hall and Ninuku Arts are currently showing at Chapman and Bailey.

Ninuku Arts

Prints and Paper 

May 4 – May 27

Opening: Saturday 3-5pm May 6

Ninuku Arts

Basil Hall Editions

Where: Chapman & Bailey Gallery Melbourne, 350 Johnston St, Abbotsford

Gallery Hours
10am – 5pm Monday to Friday
10.30am – 4.00pm Saturday

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