Introducing Lascaux Resonance® Gouache

Lascaux Resonance Gouache is a new development with specific active properties: as a result of vibratory and aromatic components, these colours support and encourage the soul’s expressive potential and have a harmonic effect on both the individual and his or her environment. Lascaux Resonance Gouache can be used in all applications in which colour should be realized as a sensuous quality beyond its visual presence. Therefore, in all work processes that require creative colour employment as a central task.

Colours with a Revolutionary Character ! With Lascaux Resonance Gouache we are now going one revolutionary step further in that bioinformation has been added. As a result, the colours obtain a specific resonance capacity, which has a beneficial effect on the painter as well as on the observer. The interactive union created by man and colour is increased in value by means of bioinformation, penetrated by energetic clarity and elevated to an optimum level of resonance.

Featuring the therapeutic aroma of natural sage oil, Lascaux Resonance Gouache doesn’t contain any solvents and is poison free.

Resonance Gouache is highly concentrated and thick: it can be diluted with water if requited.  Thanks to its gel-like consistency it is an excellent finger paint.

Lascaux Resonance Gouache is a bioactivated artists’ colour, consisting of pure pigments, age-resistant bonding agents, nature-based thickeners and sage oil. Enriched with bio-information, this unique formulation encourages harmony and resonance, thus supporting the user in achieving a holistic creative experience.

Resonance Gouache is made by Lascaux, a second generation family-owned colour maker in Switzerland. The product has been specifically designed for therapeutic centres and art therapy purposes.