Important update on Chapman & Bailey services:

I am writing this note to you personally to update you on our services during the disruption that Covid-19 is bringing to our lives. During this time we remain committed to providing all reasonable assurances of a safe workplace, producing and supplying highest quality services for the visual art industry.

We are committed to paid wages, and continued benefits for our employees and that will continue to be our highest priority. Please understand we are a small business that manufactures 80% of what we sell in our Melbourne, Alice Springs and Brisbane workshops and studios.

We have at present have no suspected or presumed cases of the illness in our immediate area.

We remain open but will follow all current and future health department guidance regarding non-essential private sector employers. We are vigilant in our hygiene regimes and trying to keep our work places as clean and safe as possible.

Be reassured we are still open for public consultation but please we are asking our customers to respect safe social distances when interacting.

Please make use of our services via email, our e shop, website and telephone whenever possible.

Until we receive guidance to the contrary, we are open to provide all your visual art services.


Thank you for your support,

Mark Chapman