Birrarung: On the River

28.03 to 28.04.2022

Please join us to celebrate the opening on Friday, 1st of April from 6pm at Chapman & Bailey Gallery, with live music from Jade Barnaby!

A tribute to living and working with the life source of Birrarung the Yarra River. Drawing on a mix of professional artists and the wider community of Birrarung devotees in response to living and working on the river.

“Breaststroke is perfect for wild-water swimming. With eyes at water level, it allows me to take everything in. I look up to the Native Golden Wattles and Yarra gums growing impossibly out of the rocky cliffs on the other side of the river. Bobbing across the water’s surface are thousands of golden sweet-smelling flower heads from the wattles. It’s like a starry, starry night-sky. A pair of Snow Geese are spotted in the distance gathering insects in the reeds, while a raft of Pacific black-ducks glide by and attempt to herd us into shore.”

Carolyn Tate


Melody Spangaro
Heather Hesterman
Sarah Tomasetti
Mark Chapman
Nicola Reavley
Heidi Peters
Michelle Yuan Fitz-Gerald
Charlotte Ghaie
Talitha Kennedy
Michaela Meadow
Michaela Hart
Joanna Buckley
Danella Connors and the local community who live with the Birrarung.
Jade Barnaby

Plus live music from Jade Barnaby at the opening celebration.

Above image:

Sarah Tomasetti, Rivus (detail) 2022, pigment and wax on fresco plaster on muslin, dimensions variable.


Friday, April 1st
from 6:00pm.

Chapman & Bailey Gallery

350 Johnston Street,
Abbotsford, VIC, 3065.

E: gallery@chapmanbailey.com.au
PH: 03 9415 8666