Shaun Narmanyilk – Rock Art Style

It’s a story for old Wamud, old Djawida and Lofty, they told me a story. I asked Lofty “Why do you paint from the rocks?” Lofty said “it’s a story for you mob, when you grow up, for your generation and for your children. When you grow up you can paint these stories”. So now, I follow in his footsteps, rock art style, with different rarrk.

 I’m responsible for this country, for that bim(painting) with long necked turtle with two heads, because you can go to my country and see all the bim and everything, and I can paint all of those images. Lofty said, you can paint all of these images on my country.

This exhibition is held in collaboration with Injalak Arts.



Shaun Namarnyilk, Gabriel Maralngurrav & Winston Naborlhborlh,
Rock Art Style, Mixed media on canvas, 180 x 100 cm.

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