Summer Abandon

Mary and Fred Schepisi
15.04 – 11.05.2023
cbOne Gallery

In reverie to their vineyard home, Summer Abandon presents new paintings and textile works by well know international artist and philanthropist Mary Schepisi together with photographs of the property by film director Fred Schepisi.

Two Bays Vineyard is not only the inspiration for Mary Schepisi’s new exhibition but her studio and her workspace. By exploring the rich undulating topography of her environment through her needlework and painting Schepisi has discovered an entirely different pictorial dimension.

Fragmented stitched lines delineate the lakes and vineyards of her landscape, a world always in seasonal splendour and tranquility.

Schepisi has created a vocabulary that is both delicate, textual and unique. Her singular visualisation creates a dialogue between her needlework and her paintings. New layers of meaning emerge as the viewer looks from one to the other.


Mary Schepisi
Summer Abandon #6
Photography by Simon Strong

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