Mark ‘N Rosie: A ceramic exploration in form, feathers and fantasy

Mark Young & Rosie Nott
09.12 – 22.12.2023
cbOne Gallery

Mark Young and Rosi Nott create artwork alongside each other, sharing an enthusiasm for art and making. Inspiring one another with their individual mastery and insights, their works offer material delight and fanciful play.

Mark’s ceramic sculptures combine elements of organic form and colours inspired by coastal life, his rainforest artist’s gardening and the nuance of classical music. Rosi’s ceramic figures come to life with her textile savvy in a myriad of materials and skills. Her clay characters are enhanced by feathers, beads and bling making a fantasy choir and stage of icons.

The ceramic works by Melbourne artist Mark Young celebrate a process of creating whimsical sculptures. Mark originally studied under celebrated artisan Hiroshi Seto, in Mashiko Japan, developing maquettes and furthering sculptural ideas for public spaces. Mid-career he founded and ran a multi-design studio appealing to the corporate sector working nationally and internationally. Having turned full circle, the studio beckoned, and his original passion has seen a return to his original love of sculptural form.

Hailing from Switzerland, Rosi Nott is an expressive artist, enthusiastic knitter, and crocheter of microfibres, with a hands-on approach to ceramics. Her whimsical creations are influenced by the Black Madonna housed in the Abbey of Einsiedeln near Zurich. These pieces are artfully crafted from an assortment of found items, locally-sourced threads, and feathers collected from various regions of Australia, weaving together a tapestry of characters that champion the spirit of inclusivity.

Over a year in the making, her work marries a diverse set of skills, allowing each figure to evolve with its own set of characteristics — Joy, Apprehension, Stoicism, and Compassion. The resulting ensemble is a fantastical jubilee, echoing a utopian vision where the sacred strains of ‘Panis Angelicus’ meet the vibrant celebration of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras.

Photography by Raul Lopez

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