Lascaux Thickener


Acrylic polymer in water. Lascaux Thickener is higher viscosity and pasty consistency and allows a good handling of the brush on glazing technique. when Lascaux Thickener is used with strongly diluted acrylics it stores up the water in the paint, thereby increasing the open time of the film (delayed drying) and contains no binder.

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Lascaux Thickener can be added undiluted or mixed with water as base compound, does not alter the depth of colour or surface texture of the painting and Lascaux Thickener is not suitable for creating textures and impastos.

The added quantity of thickener should be up to max. 30% for interior and 3% for exterior application. Always try out the product first, as the effect may vary according to the support.

Glazing technique for Lascaux Thickener is used as a standard solution is advisable, depending on the painting technique. The Thickener is diluted with water in a ratio ranging from 1:1 to 1:10 and the resulting mixture is then added to the colours. The consistency of the diluted paint can thus be adjusted exactly as required, making it easy to work with the brush.

Physiologically and toxicologically safe in conventional usage. USA: conforms to ASTM D-4236.


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Lascaux Thickener 1LT, Lascaux Thickener 250ml, Lascaux Thickener 85ml