Lascaux Studio Acrylic Paint 85ml


Lascaux Studio Acrylic is a universal acrylic paint for use in art, design and decoration.

A time-honoured colour of supreme quality, it is highly versatile and suitable for all painting techniques. The Studio Original Colour range now consists of 54 tones in addition to 8 luminous bronze colours prepared from pure metallic bronzes.


Lascaux Studio Acrylic

A universal acrylic paint for use in fine art, design and decoration.

Lascaux Studio Acrylic is a time-honoured, acrylic colour range of supreme quality. It is highly versatile and suitable for all fine art and painting techniques. The Lascaux Studio Original Colour range now consists of 54 tones in addition to 8 luminous bronze colours prepared from pure metallic bronzes.


  • highly pigmented
  • lightfast, non-ageing and non-yellowing
  • optimally weather -resistant
  • water-resistant when dry
  • very good coating flexibility
  • minimal colour difference when wet or dry
  • gloss level: semi -gloss and uniform
  • consistency: viscous, smooth and soft
  • opacity: the uniform covering power is ideal foreffortless creation of monochrome surfaces
  • working properties: good coatability and consistentluminosity with maximum coverage
  • optimal adhesion: to practically any clean surface
  • usage: extremely concentrated and high-yieldingUsage
  • Ideal for art, design and decoration
  • for all painting techniques (including airbrush andscreen printing)
  • ideal for murals and large surfaces applications – Lascaux Studio Original can be applied with all painting tools either directly from the bottle or diluted with water (20%). The result is a firm elastic colour, which can be painted over in optional layers, whereupon the tone remains unchanged.

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Weight.2 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 9 cm
Colour and Size

911 Naples Yellow 85ml, 912 Lemon Yellow 85ml, 913 Permanent Yellow Light 85ml, 914 Permanent Yellow Medium 85ml, 915 Permanent Yellow Deep 85ml, 921 Permanent Orange 85ml, 922 Vermilion 85ml, 923 Bright Red 85ml, 924 Permanent Red Deep 85ml, 925 Carmine Red 85ml, 926 Bordeaux Red 85ml, 930 Magenta Deep 85ml, 931 Magenta 85ml, 932 Purple Red 85ml, 933 Violet 85ml, 941 Indigo 85ml, 942 Ultramarine Deep 85ml, 943 Ultramarine Light 85ml, 944 Cobalt Blue 85ml, 945 Cerulean Blue 85ml, 946 Turquoise Blue 85ml, 923 Light Blue 85ml, 948 Turquoise Blue Light 85ml, 949 Prussian Blue 85ml, 950 Emerald Green Deep 85ml, 951 Emerald Green No 951 85ml, 952 Chromium Oxide Green 85ml, 953 Permanent Green Deep 85ml, 954 Permanent Green Light 85ml, 955 Olive Green 85ml, 956 Raw Umber No 956 85ml, 957 Burnt Umber 85ml, 961 Yellow Ochre 85ml, 962 Gold Ochre 85ml, 963 Burnt Siena 85ml, 956 English Red 85ml, 965 Oxide Brown Light 85ml, 966 Oxide Brown Deep 85ml, 971 Anthracite 85ml, 972 Oxide Black 85ml, 973 Carbon Black 85ml, 974 Paynes Grey 85ml, 975 Transparent Black 85ml, 977 Neutral Grey Dark 85ml, 978 Neutral Grey Middle 85ml, 979 Neutral Grey Light 85ml, 981 Buff Titanium 85ml, 982 Titanium White 85ml, 983 Tint White 85ml, 984 Cobalt Green Light 85ml, 985 Naples Rose 85ml, 986 Naples Orange 85ml, 987 Shell White 85ml, 988 Crystal White 85ml, 990 Rich Pale Gold 85ml, 991 Pale Gold 85ml, 992 Deep Gold 85ml, 993 English Green Gold 85ml, 994 Copper 85ml, 995 Aluminium 85ml, 996 Britania Silver 85ml, 997 Stay Steel 85ml

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