Acrylic Paints, Markers, Spray Paints

Lascaux Studio acrylic

Lascaux Studio Original is a universal acrylic paint for use in art, design and decoration.

A time-honoured colour of supreme quality, it is highly versatile and suitable for all painting techniques. The Studio Original Colour range now consists of 54 tones in addition to 8 luminous bronze colours prepared from pure metallic bronzes.

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Lascaux Sirius acrylic

Sirius paints are of utmost purity and intensity, encompassing the entire colour spectrum. They allow an effortless means of mixing an extensive range of harmonious colours.

More than 78 000 hues! The Sirius Primary System has been patented by the European Patent Office, a testimony to its uniqueness. Basis of 5 primary colours, high quality pigments and binders, along with precise. alignment and harmonising of the hues, create the material foundation of this colour system. The Sirius Primary System is based upon 5 primary colours :magenta, red, yellow, cyan and ultramarine. Mixed in equal parts, the 5 primary colours produce a vibrant neutral black. An additional Sirius White rounds off the system.

Lascaux Sirius Acrylic Paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor painting
art, decoration architecture and screen printing
art education and colour theory
creative school lessons and art therapy
colour therapy


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Matisse acrylic

Matisse Structure Formula is a rich impasto paint that artists love. Available in 98 colours, Matisse Structure Formula paint is ideal for application with a brush or palette knife for striking textured effects, or combined with the range of Matisse Mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish.

The intense, vibrant colours of the Structure Formula paints cover the full colour spectrum, including several uniquely Australian colours.
Only the finest quality pigments and ingredients are selected for the Matisse range of premium acrylic colours. All have the highest lightfastness rating of ASTM I or II and are archival quality – so you can create with confidence knowing your artwork will stand the test of time. Each are fully compatible with the range of Matisse Artists Mediums working together to create a highly versatile painting system for all artists.

Matisse Flow Formula has all the attributes of the Structure Formula; however, it has a thinner viscosity to allow free flowing brushstrokes or use through an airbrush (with minimal dilution). This allows the paint to be used for fine brushwork with or without water dilution. This paint gives a fine flow with a low-sheen finish and good levelling.

Build your art on a strong foundation with Matisse Background Colours: an all-purpose pure acrylic that can be applied to almost any surface. Matisse Background Colours are a highly pigmented low-tooth gesso.
Used directly onto wood, the Background Colour will not only cover and create a great surface to paint on, but will also seal the surface with its built-in sealer.
All Matisse Background Colours are especially designed for use on canvas (and board, etc.) however they have also been used extensively in interior domestic decoration.

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ARA acrylic colours

Ara is an acrylics of professional quality. Because Ara was created at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, we know exactly what artists look for in their paint. And even though Ara is no longer produced at the Academy, we are still looking for ways to expand the creative possibilities for our users. Ara uses the finest ingredients, including lightfast pigments and 100% pure non-yellowing acrylic emulsion. The pigments used in Ara come from the paint factory of Old Holland Classic Colours. The pigment paste is made here according to Old Holland’s own recipe to ensure the highest quality.

All pigments used in Ara come from the paint factory of Old Holland Classic Colours.
All pigments used in Ara formulations are rated with a lightfastness of at least 7 on the Blue Wool Scale in full tone and 6 when tinted with titanium white (the Blue Wool Scale is the internationally accepted measure of lightfastness and runs from 1 to 8). Our paint retains its colour even after a period of time.
To ensure the quality, we test our acrylics constantly on opacity, fluidity, heat and freezing. The result is a brilliant and durable acrylic.

Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe vinyl paints

The Flashe range, distributed since 1955, is one of the first modern painting materials to give artists other means than oil painting to express themselves. Its optical characteristics allow the effects of old tempera paints and primitive painting grounds to be reproduced. matt and velvety, opaque.

Flashe colours are diluted in water and become indelible when dry.
Flashe colours are applied using brushes, paint guns, or sponges.
Flashe is a multi-purpose product with many uses: Preparing grounds for using oil or acrylic paints, creation of canvas paintings, theatre sets, advertising decors, thumbnail sketches or trompe l’œil drawings.

Liquitex acrylic paints, spray paints, acrylic markers

As pioneers of the first water based acrylic paints in the 1950s, Liquitex makes the widest array of rich and vibrant acrylic colors in the world allowing you to create vivid and vibrant works that are as rich and colorful as your imagination.

With four different viscosities of professional acrylic paints, two ranges of economical student acrylics and a variety of specialty paints to help you achieve any number of special effects, Liquitex acrylic paints allow you to expand your creativity without limits.

The Heavy Body and Soft Body professional ranges provide artists with a unique set of properties and possibilities. With a wide spectrum of colors and textures ranging from the superbly viscous to the extremely fluid, their acrylic paints are suitable for a range of traditional and experimental painting.

The Liquitex Spray Paint & Accessories  provides artists with ultimate versatility, and the tools to keep your spray paints performing to their highest potential. Explore their versatile range of spray caps to achieve an edgy array of effects, and keep your spray caps in the best possible shape with Liquitex Cap Cleaner.

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Montana acrylic paint markers

Montana Acrylic Paint Markers sets available in these convenient packs. Contain highly pigmented water-based paint. Nontoxic, ACMI approved and wearing the AP mark. Able to be applied on to almost all surfaces such as canvas, wood, glass, walls and metal. The containers are transparent for easy assesment of remaining content.

Single Markers contain water-based acrylic paint, Refillable. Mix your own colours. Replaceable tips. Solvent free. Dilutable with water. High Covering and quick drying.
 Available in packs and as single markers. 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 30mm, 50mm felt tip. Work on all types of surfaces.

Available in fluorescent & basic colors.

Basic colors
Flash Yellow, 
Power Orange, 
Fire Red, 
Gleaming Pink
, Acid Green
, Shock White Pure

Fluorescent colours

Shock Yellow, 
Shock Red, 
Shock Blue Light
, Shock Green Light
, Shock White
, Shock Black

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Krink acrylic paint markers

Krink products are based in Brooklyn. During it’s 15 year history they have continued to develop a number of different markers and inks that are unique to the market in their style, history and quality. A standard for street-inspired artists on a global level. A product created to fit the specific needs of graffiti writers has grown into a product line with a range of creative tools for creative thinkers.

Krink is also know to create limited-edition products with like-minded companies such as Nike, Casio, and Coach.

Liquitex professional spray paints
A stunning innovation developed for professional artists.
• Lightfast
• Water-Based Technology
• Low Odor
• Durable and Permanent
• Color Brilliance
• Matches Liquitex Color Spectrum
• Professional Quality
• Versatile
• For Use on Multiple Surfaces
Combining artist grade pigments with revolutionary water-based technology, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint offers color brilliance, lightfastness and durability in a unique low odor formulation.
 Use for large-scale artwork, intermixing with acrylics, outdoor and indoor murals, underpainting, stenciling and mixed media.