Artist Brushes & Palette Knives

Artist’s paint brushes come in an array of sizes, shapes, and hairs. Artists usually need a set of brushes for watercolor paints and a different set for oil and acrylic work. We stock a range of quality brushes at great prices including Da Vinci, Omega, NEEF and Art Spectrum.

The main characteristics to look for in artist brushes are their ability to form a sharp point, the elasticity of the hair (ability to bounce back its original shape after each stroke) and ability to control the paint flow (to hold and dispense paint predictably).

Da Vinci artist brushes

Chapman & Bailey has one of the largest ranges of Da Vinci brushes in Australia. We import them directly from Germany which means great value for our customers. da Vinci brushes are made in Germany to exacting standards. The quality, craftmanship and performance of Da Vinci brushes is unsurpassed.

Da Vinci brushes are unique in their outstanding features and are handmade using top quality raw materials. They have excellent colour-holding capacity, a lively elasticity and quickly regain their original shape when new paint is absorbed. All the features result in a highly precise, elastic instrument. The brush assortment for oil, tempera and acrylic painting is as comprehensive as the many modern painting techniques. Flat or round-shaped, extra short, short, medium and long length, as well as fresco and filbert shape.

The Da Vinci website gives a fascinating description of how fine artist brushes in general are constructed. From the selection of the hairs from the animals tail, through to the assembling of the components in the quiet hush of the assembly rooms. Hunched over benches, the brush making skills are handed down to apprentices enrolled to learn the trade. Incidentally, Da Vinci also produce a fine line of synthetic brushes from their factory in Nuremburg.

Long-standing experience and competence in the manufacture of artist brushes, based on the rich treasure of experience the brush factories in Nuremberg have had for many generations.A specialist know-how cultivated and further developed at their factory since the end of the 19th century.Skilled craftsmen guarantee carefully shaped products and many busy hands look after the perfect finish of all artist brushes.

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Omega artist brushes

Omega brushes from Italy comprise the largest range of natural bristle brushes at Chapman & Bailey. Due to their wide selection of sizes, anywhere from 5mm up to 400mm wide, they provide great service to contemporary painters wanting to cover large areas of a painted surface.

NEEF brushes + Art Spectrum Artist Brushes

Great low cost brushes available in a good range of types.

Liquitex Freestyle Palette and Painting Knives

Perfect match for any artistic application. The complete range of 36 knives encompasses innovative and unique large scale shapes in addition to smaller, more traditional knives. These high quality knives have been crafted with the finest stainless blades that resist all wear and corrosion from any media, including acrylics. In addition, the ergonomically designed handles add increased comfort and grip to every application.