Custom Framing of Artwork at Chapman & Bailey


Framing your artwork at Chapman & Bailey starts with consulting our highly experienced team who not only draw on great framing expertize, but most of our team have vast experience as fine artists and collectors of art.

We can help you make the choice that finishes an artwork or collectable with a frame that sings. A frame that compliments it and brings it into the world but doesn’t overpower the artwork.

We have created our own range of framing mouldings and combined them with finishes, stains and lacquers to complement a wide variety of contemporary and traditional art. Our service offers minimal discrete clean contemporary and distinctive natural timber frames. We also offer a select range of hand gilded and moulded decorative and plaster cast a carved and moulded frames.

Having selected your frame our workshop handcrafts each frame. We start from raw timber cut and join with state of the art machinery then hand sand using finely tuned orbital sanders.

Chapman & Bailey frames are stained and lacquered in our own spray booth.

Upstairs away from the dust of the workshop we prepare the mounts. Rising museum board is our board of choice and we have a Swiss engineered CNC cutter to accurately cut any shape mount in a variety of depths including oversized. In our fit up rooms we follow conservation practice, hand tearing Japanese paper hinges cooking up wheat starch paste all these processes taking care your art is safely placed in its frame and framed to last.

Our team of skilled framers, our attention to detail, inspired by our love of art integrate this experience and passion with our physical resources. The size and technology of our workshop and we are able to offer you and your art a quality frame that is timeless and compliments your artwork. A quality frame made to last.