Gamblin Oil Painting Accents Studio Safety Set



Accents on Studio Safety Gift Set — The philosophy of creating oil colors with no or very low toxicity has now spilled over into the making of mediums.

A perfect gift.

This set was created to provide the mildest solvents and mediums available, and to teach painters how to set up and maintain a safe studio.

The set contains:

  • 6 oil colors in 37 ml (1.25 oz) tubes, including one each of Chromatic Black, Hansa Yellow Light, Phthalo Green, Quinacridone Red, Titanium White, and Ultramarine Blue
  • 16 oz (473 ml) of Gamsol OMS
  • 2 oz (59 ml) of Galkyd Lite
  • 2 oz (59 ml) of Refined Linseed Oil
  • 2 oz (59 ml) of Cold Wax Medium
  • A DVD, “Navigating Color Space”
  • Technical Data Sheet on Studio Safety
  • Artist Grade Color Chart
  • Oil Painting Medium Guide
  • Solvent Comparison Chart
  • Neoprene gloves for studio cleanup


Additional information

Weight.168 kg
Dimensions11.2 × 11 × 2 cm