Oil Paints & Oil Sticks

Old Holland oil colours

Old Holland Classic Colours has more than three centuries of traditional experience in the manufacture of artist paint.

Their products are used over the whole world, including for restoration work.

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Schmincke Mussini finest artists’ resin oil colours & Norma professional oil colours

Mussini – are unique artists’ resin oil colours produced by means of a particularly sophisticated manufacturing process to meet the very highest requirements.

It goes without saying that they contain only the best traditional artists’ pigments together with several outstanding newly developed artists’ pigments, each in the highest possible concentrations and in pure form.

This results in artists’ colours of the utmost brilliance and purity, which also mix more readily than premixed colour tones based on a limited selection of pigments.

Norma Professional is environmental-friendly formulated and produced -“Made in Germany”
A balanced range of fine, pure oil colours for artists consisting of 84 brilliant modern and traditional colours, including 27 high quality transparent and unique special colours.

Contain new highly light-fast chromium yellow colours which achieve a high degree of coverage, special colours including poppy red, cobalt turquoise, agate brown, Schweinfurt green hue, neutral black, gold, silver and bronze.

All 84 shades display the maximum degree of light fastness (4-5 stars).

Combinations of pure high quality plant oils produce good adhesion, optimum absorption of the pigment and less tendency to yellow.

The best of both traditional and modern pigments are used in the highest possible concentrations; this guarantees the maximum efficiency and an extraordinary degree of luminosity and brilliance with all colours.

Norma Professional can be combined with Mussini finest artists’ resin-oil colours and other oil colours.

Art Spectrum artists’ oil colours

Art Spectrum are Australia’s most respected oil paints because they conform to the classic tradition.

All colours are triple-milled to ensure that every pigment particle is completely coated with the vehicle, and evenly dispersed.

This results in a stable paint film which has even surface tensions.

Improved permanency information and new pigments have enabled us to replace the toxic and fugitive colours with non-toxic and cleaner colours of superior lightfastness.

Ongoing research and development is dedicated to maintaining or improving the permanency, safety and performance of our colours.

Art Spectrum oil colours give lasting brilliance and luminosity to paintings. The finest pigments are used in the maximum working strength to impart the best colour quality.

Art Spectrum oil colours include a beautiful and unique range of colours developed for the Australian landscape.

These colours provide exciting possibilities for artists worldwide.

Gamblin artist colour

Gamblin artists colour at its maximum with a luscious texture. A texture that readily responds to an artist’s intention and handles beautifully.

Pigment has been developed to the highest emotional resonance for that color. Forging together the right balance of pigment, oil, history, science and emotion.

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Michael Harding handmade artist oil colours

“My paints are made by hand, using techniques which date back to the days of the Old Masters.

There is a very simple reason for this painstaking process. As an artist and painter I wanted to create colours that were true and vibrant, and paint which was beautiful and durable.”

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R&F handmade pigment sticks

R&F Pigment Sticks are a unique version of an oil stick that will transform the way you paint.

They are richly pigmented with a lipstick soft consistency that gives them the same fluidity, subtlety and durability of traditional oil colors.

They have just enough natural wax added to maintain a solid stick form.

R&F Pigment Sticks let you get rid of the brush allowing you to work more directly on your surface.

Their immediacy and mark making ability afford an endless range of options.

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