Watercolours & Gouache

Lascaux Resonance gouache

Lascaux Resonance gouache is a new development with specific active properties: as a result of vibratory and aromatic components, these colours support and encourage the soul’s expressive potential and have a harmonic effect on both the individual and his or her environment. Lascaux Resonance Gouache can be used in all applications in which colour should be realized as a sensuous quality beyond its visual presence. Therefore, in all work processes that require creative colour employment as a central task.

Lascaux Resonance gouache is highly concentrated and thick: it can be diluted with water if requited.  Thanks to its gel-like consistency it is an excellent finger paint.

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Lascaux gouache

Lascaux Gouache is a unique acrylic-modified tempera paint for art, design and education. This colour programme consists of 34 balanced hues, including silver and gold. Lascaux Gouache is characterized by its purity, brilliance, depth of colour and lightfastness.

Properties include highly concentrated, lightfast, permanent and non-yellowing. Dries to a velvety, elastic water-soluble finish , thick and smooth consistency and excellent covering power. Hues remain intensive even when strongly diluted and adheres well to various supports. Only very slight lightening after drying, highly concentrated and extremely yielding.

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Schmincke gouache

Horadam Gouache offers excellent flow properties. The range of 48 finest gouache colours may be diluted with water and can also be mixed within the range and with designers gouache. After drying Horadam Gouache can be wetted and reworked on all types of absorbing and non-absorbing paper, carton and canvas. Due to the extra-fine pigment grain sizes these finest artists’ colours can also be applied using a 0,15 mm fine airbrush.

Horadam Gouache offer’s rich, opaque, pastel-like, intensive pigment layers. All Horadam top artists’ colour series are finest artists’ qualities without any compromise.

Akadamie Gouache is a fine artists gouache which suits perferctly to beginners, hobby artists‘ as well as to student demands.
Akadamie Gouache offers a basic range of 18 opaque colours as well as gold and silver. The hallmarks of this colour are good painting and mixing properties as well as the fact that they can be rewetted when dried and can easily be washed out. Akadamie Gouache dry uniformly mat and build velvet-like colour layers.

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Schmincke Aquarelle watercolours

Horadam Aquarelle have 110 colours in the range. 69 colours are formulated with one pigment only, the ideal concept for professional painting and for colour mixing. Many of the new artists’ pigments have been researched and tested to comply with the highest quality standard regarding stability, fineness, resolubility and lightfastness. Only use the best raw materials are used. No compromise in quality – Highest standards of artists’ pigments allow highest light fastness.

One main ingredient of the water-colour binding medium is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the southern Sahara region. Like most natural products this traditional water-colour binding medium differs from year to year. Therefore Schmincke is testing Gum Arabic every time before purchase and selects only the best crop of the respective year.
The 24 colours of the Akadamie Aquarell, fine artists’ watercolours are a complete basic assortment for beginners. 16 one-pigment-tones as well as a high pigment concentration guarantee highest brilliance.

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Daniel Smith watercolours and watercolour sticks

For over 30 years, Daniel Smith paints have been formulated, produced and packaged in Seattle. Daniel Smith have a passion for color and quality and have fuelled inventive developments in the art materials industry.

Daniel Smith Luminescent watercolors, unlike anything ever seen in watercolor, simulate the glitter of a watery surface or the luster of mother-of-pearl. They’re made from mica pigment, thin transparent particles coated with highly reflective metal oxides. Duochrome watercolors alternate between two distinct colors depending on the reflective light.

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Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks offer the same superior intensity as watercolor paints with the convenience and portability of half pans.

Each stick is packed with pure pigment and produces vibrant, strong color when wet or use them dry to build texture. They’re highly reactive with water and release rich, creamy colors.

For sketching, developing color values and bold expressions, Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks are a truly valuable addition to every artists’ palette.

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Winsor & Newton watercolours, watercolour sticks and markers

Winsor & Newton innovations with Professional Water Colour Sticks and Water Colour Markers offer the same outstanding colour performance and versatility for which we are known. Our Professional Water Colour, using only the purest pigments, is recognised for its quality and permanence.

Professional Water Colour
• 96 vibrant colours
• 76 single pigment colours for clean mixing
• Unrivalled transparency

With 96 colours, their Professional watercolour range offers bright, vibrant colours and unrivalled performance.

Their Professional Water Colours use only the purest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour.
With 75 single pigment colours in the range, we offer the widest range of modern and traditional pigments for superb colour mixing. The transparency of Professional Water Colour is due to the way the pigment is dispersed during manufacture. In thin washes, the colour is present but the reflective white of the paper can still be seen. The colours provide brilliance and clean mixing and the natural characteristics of pigments mean that some will be more transparent than others.

93 out of 96 colours in our Professional Water Colour range are classed as “permanent for artists’ use”, rated AA or A for permanence to ensure that the colours used today will appear the same for generations to come.

Professional Watercolour Sticks
• Use dry and then wet, after any length of time, for maximum convenience
• 48 Colours
• Unrivalled colour strength
• Superior blending

Watercolour Markers
• Ultimate water colour performance with added precision
• 36 Colours
• Unrivalled colour and blending
• Highly pigmented and lightfast

Water colour in pen-form. Blending varies depending on the paper you use. Designed to make gorgeous washes when combined with water. Dual nibs, which allow you to use them for fine detail and sweeping line thicknesses.

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