FREE Watercolour Demo with Yuria Okamura | SAT 26 October 2019

In this demo, Yuria Okamura will give you an insight into her art practice, followed by a demonstration on working with watercolours.

Okamura will show you how to employ different staining techniques, including layering and detailing, with a focus on producing geometric shapes and organic forms. She will also briefly explain different oulining techinques, using pencil and carbon paper.

Participants will learn how to set up priliminary sketches, working with primary colours. There will be time for participants to try some of the different techniques during the demo.


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Colours Filled With Life Impulses

Introducing Lascaux Resonance® Gouache Lascaux Resonance Gouache is a new development with specific active properties: as a result of vibratory and aromatic components, these colours support and encourage the soul’s expressive potential and have a harmonic effect on both the individual and his or her environment. Lascaux Resonance Gouache can be used in all applications in which colour should be ...