20% OFF Painting Surfaces: Linens, Cottons, Gesso Panels, Canvas Boards in July

Beautiful Artifix Primed Linens & Cottons Libeco Loomstate Linens Belle Arti Primed Linens, Cottons Belle Arti Pre-Stretched Canvases, Cotton Boards & Gesso Panels and more… Drop by, phone through or email us your order We are happy to help Ph. 03 9417 0500 Email: artmaterials@chapmanbailey.com.au Shop online – Some products available on our online store

R&F Pigment Stick Old Packaging Sale: 40% Off

Older style packaged R&F Handmade Pigment Sticks. Limited Stock. A great range of Artist colours still available. At these special prices it is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to R&F Pigment sticks. Intense pigment. Lipstick soft. A great quality product 38ml was $17.60–$33.83  NOW  $10.56 – $20.30 188ml was $54.68–$128.99 NOW  $32.80 – $77.39 Find out more  

20% Off Artist Painting Boards: Custom made boards. Custom made shapes

Artists! We can provide all shapes and sizes. Large and small, round, oval, square, rectangular. Just ask us. Professional, stable, custom made boards. We can prepare you’re painting surface to suit any need. Phone us on 03 9417 0500 to order. We also sell beautiful Italian made Belle Arti Gesso Boards. Large range of sizes…

Marieke Dench – Free Encaustic Painting Demo May 2nd 2015

We were lucky enough to have Melbourne artist, Marieke Dench here at 420 Johnston Street, giving one of her inspiring encaustics demonstrations. Marieke’s work is ideal to show off the incredibly high pigment load in r&f paints, as she uses colour in such a beautiful way. Marieke explained the basic principles of encaustic, how to…

Mateja Simenko – Free Watercolour Demo March 12th 2015

Mateja has a comprehensive understanding of water colour, and her knowledge allows her to work with total spontaneity and lightness. Likewise this demo was filled with information, presented in the most accessible way. I had quite a few “’Äha!!’” moments as Mateja explained exactly why better materials actually do produce better results, as paints, brushes…