Schmincke Horadam® Aquarell – full 1:1 Pans


Schmincke Horadam® Aquarell – finest artists’ watercolours, Pans size.


 The new, optimized and enlarged 140 assortment:

  • 139 brilliant, intense colours + Oxgall: 100 unchanged tones, 35 new tones, 4 optimized tones in highest quality as always
  • 112 tones with highest possible lightfastness (4 and 5 stars)
  • 95 one-pigment-tones for brilliant mixing results
  • Enlarged colour ranges due to new pigment classes as well as 20 new pigments, e.g. quinacridone, perylene, transparent iron oxides
  • Enlargement of the AQUA mediums assortment: 3 new mediums for more creative options

Well appreciated quality remains:

  • Pans poured 4 times in liquid state for highest yield
  • Especially selected Gum Arabic as binding medium
  • Fully reusable paint when dried on a palette
  • High control of paint flow, even on soft watercolour papers
  • Quality assortment “Made in Germany”
  • Same colour recipes for pans and tubes
  • 139 colours in full and half pans as well as in 5 ml- and 15 ml-tubes

In the Jubilee Year 2017, Schmincke enlarges and optimizes – after some years of research by the Schmincke lab – the HORADAM® watercolours to the premium 140 assortment. The capabilities of newest pigments, the inclusion of customer wishes and market analysis, as well as changes in the raw material market gave us the impulse to perfect the assortment and to extend the colour range.

35 new colours, among these 32 one-pigment-tones, fill the harmonic colour spectrum of the HORADAM® premium assortment. The increased use of highly lightfast pigments, such as Quinacridone and Perylene, offers completely new possibilities for the artist. 10 new red colours, 3 new one-pigment violet colours, 4 new black tones and 8 new brown colours, partly transparent like e.g. Transparent Ochre or Transparent Umber, have been added to the premium assortment. The ultramarine range has been enlarged with the famous colour French Ultramarine.

Unique pigments – new colours – completed coloristic

Quinacridones: These highly lightfast pigments are used to complete the quinacridone range from 6 to 9 tones, visible in the name, e.g. Quinacridone red light.

Perylenes: Using completely new, highly lightfast perylene pigments this range is enlarged; 3 new colours (Perylene green, Perylene red deep, Perylene violet).

Ultramarine: This range gets with the French Ultramarine a much asked for one-pigment colour, a reddish, intense and granulating blue, coloristically situated between the three already existing ultramarines.

Transparent iron oxides: The 3 new transparent colours Transparent Ochre, Transparent Sienna as well as Transparent Umber complete the spectrum of opaque brown colours. These transparent colours are rare due to the very hard and difficult to process consistency with these pigments.

Brilliant tones: The existing brilliant colours have been optimized due to changing on the raw material market. The new pigments have nearly the same coloristic, but a better quality. The new brilliant tone Brilliant Opera Rose, especially for painting flowers, has been added. All brilliant colours now contain a mixture of fluorescent and highly lightfast pigments. Due to the influence of light on the fluorescent components of the colours, the brilliant tones do not have an evaluation of lightfastness.

Black/Grey: 3 new colours – Graphite Grey, Hematite Black and Mars Black enlarge the spectrum.

Potters Pink: This worldwide well-known colour, containing the special pigment PR 233, has been added to the assortment, too.

Additional information

Weight.0025 kg
Dimensions5 × 2 × 1 cm

titanium opaque white, permanent Chinese white, titanium yellow, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow lemon chrom., yellow hue lemon, vanadium yellow, cadmium yellow light, pure yellow, aureolin hue, cadmium yellow medium, chrom. yellow hue, light transparent yellow, Turner‘s yellow, quinacridone gold hue, chrom. yellow hue deep, cadmium yellow deep, Indian yellow, yellow orange, cadmium orange light, chromium orange hue, cadmium orange deep, transparent orange, Saturn red, cadmium red orange, permanent red orange, permanent red, cadmium red light, geranium red, vermilion, vermilion light, scarlet red, cadmium red medium, quinacridone red light, transparent red deep, cadmium red deep, perylene maroon, perylene dark red, alizarin crimson, ruby red deep, madder lake deep, madder red dark, Bordeaux, rose madder, permanent carmine, ruby red, magenta, purple magenta, quinacridone magenta, quinacridone violet, potters pink, perylene violet, quinacridone purple, manganese violet, Schmincke violet, cobalt violet hue, ultramarine violet, Delft blue, indigo, dark blue, phthalo sapphire blue, cobalt blue deep, French ultramarine, ultramarine finest, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue light, cobalt blue hue, mountain blue, cobalt azure, Prussian blue, Paris blue, phthalo blue, Cerulean blue hue, Helio cerulean, cobalt cerulean, helio turquoise, cobalt turquoise, cobalt green turquoise, Prussian green, viridian, chrom. oxide green brill., phthalo green, helio green, permanent green olive, sap green, permanent green, may green, cobalt green pure, cobalt green dark, Hooker‘s green, olive green, chromium oxide green, olive green yellowish, green earth, transparent green gold, rutile yellow, jaune brilliant dark, Naples yellow, raw Sienna, yellow raw ochre, titanium gold ochre, yellow ochre, transparent ochre, raw umber, Naples yellow reddish, spinel brown, gold brown, transparent Sienna, maroon brown, burnt Sienna, English venetian red, madder brown, transparent brown, mahogany brown, Indian red, Mars brown, transparent umber, burnt umber, green umber, Vandyke brown, sepia brown, sepia brown reddish, neutral tint, neutral grey, Payne‘s grey bluish, perylene green, Schmincke Payne‘s grey, lamp black, ivory black, hematite black, anthracite, graphite grey, Mars black, silver, gold, brilliant opera rose, brilliant purple, brilliant red, violet brilliant, blue violet