R&F Pigment Sticks are a unique version of an oil stick that will transform the way you paint

Oil paint in stick form represents a revolutionary development in oil painting. It means that the paint can be applied directly to a surface without the distancing factor of the brush. This makes it possible to dispense not only with the brush, but with knives, palettes, and solvents, thereby making oil sticks more immediate and portable than standard oil painting …


OIL PAINTING MEDIUMS AND TECHNIQUES PRESENTED BY ANTHEA KEMP Saturday, 30th November 2019 11am – 12.00pm  *Chapman & Bailey Melbourne only FREEFor this demo, Anthea Kemp will show several painting techniques she employs in her painting practice. Kemp will discuss working with oil paint and various glazing mediums, with a focus on layering and building up colour. She will also demonstrate how …

FREE Watercolour Demo with Yuria Okamura | SAT 26 October 2019

In this demo, Yuria Okamura will give you an insight into her art practice, followed by a demonstration on working with watercolours.

Okamura will show you how to employ different staining techniques, including layering and detailing, with a focus on producing geometric shapes and organic forms. She will also briefly explain different oulining techinques, using pencil and carbon paper.

Participants will learn how to set up priliminary sketches, working with primary colours. There will be time for participants to try some of the different techniques during the demo.


CANVAS PREPARATION DEMO WITH MARK CHAPMAN FREE Saturday, 17th November 2018 11am – 12pm  *Chapman & Bailey Melbourne only You are warmly invited to attend our FREE CANVAS PREPARATION Demonstration in our Melbourne store.   Mark Chapman, founder of Chapman & Bailey will be demonstrating: How to prepare your surfaces before you start painting how to prepare and apply rabbit skin glue to …